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What Is Sugar Packaging Process?2019-03-25 By Packing Machine

Sugar is a good additive when drinking coffee, and they always packed into small sachet. But do you want what is sugar packaging process?
This step is mainly done by the sugar sachet packaging machine, so how to complete sugar packaging process by machine?
The machine consists of a feed hopper, a vibrating feeder, a metering device, a weighing hopper and an automatic unloading device. The machine measures the volume of the packaged particles through the measuring cup, carries out automatic packaging, and then folds, seals and cuts the plastic film to complete a series of operations, easy to operate, easy to use, easy to adjust, no damage to materials during packaging. In addition, the packaging machine can also be divided into a supply packaging film portion, a heat sealing portion, and a cutting portion. First the packaging film part provides the packaging film, then the sealing part seals the packaging bag, finally cuts off, completes the entire packaging process.
 Sugar Sachet
Why use machine to complete sugar packaging process?
1. The machine makes the packing finished product beautiful, high flatness, and widely applicable to the packing coil. The use of measuring cup type feeding, effectively avoid the material in free fall when the dust attached to the packaging seal, so as to achieve better sealing effect.
2. All stainless steel exterior decoration, the part of contact material is 304 stainless steel material, in line with QS specification requirements for food.
3. The advanced microcomputer dual control system is used to accurately adjust the metering and bag length. All functions are operated by pressing buttons, LCD display, automatic bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting off, counting, easy to tear, etc.
4. The blanking mechanism adopts longitudinal adjustment device, which can quickly clean up the remaining materials without any tools.
Automatic Sugar Packing Machine
The sugar packaging process is very easy and convenient by the machine, if you have any question, please contact us for free.
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