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Do You Know How To Shrink Wrap Soap?2019-03-07 By Packing Machine

How to shrink wrap soap? Usually, we use a shrink wrap machine to do this, but how does the machine shrink wrap soap?
It mainly uses the heat shrinkable film to change under the condition of heat, and the molecules are changed due to the irregular arrangement. Under some heat radiation such as infrared rays, the plastic molecules are closely arranged, so that the original area is greatly reduced and the heat is made. The shrink film can be attached to the surface of the product for shrink wrap.
 How To Shrink Wrap Soap
But how to shrink wrap soap more efficiently?
1. Temperature control. Temperature plays a very important role in shrink packaging, and the right temperature can have a good packaging effect. If the temperature is too low, the surface of the soap will wrinkle; if the temperature is too high, the packaging film will be burnt. A typical POF film can use a temperature of about 130 degrees Celsius, while a PE film can generally use a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius.
2. Size of the heat tunnel. If the tunnel is too large, the soap will receive less temperature and most of the heat will be lost. When the furnace is too small, the film will stick to the inner wall of the furnace and be burnt.
3. Speed. The products that the user shrinks are different, the length of the tunnel is different, the temperature of the tunnel is different, and the required conveying speed is also different. The customer needs to carry out the test when using it. After several tests, the most suitable speed is selected. The longer the tunnel, the higher the temperature and the faster the speed, which requires the customer to determine according to their actual needs.
4. Quality of packaging film. The selected packaging film must be suitable for the heat shrink packaging machine. If the quality is too bad, the shrinking effect will be poor.
By these steps, you can wrap the soap efficiently.


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