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Automatic Frozen French Fries Banana Chips Packing Machine with Ten Head

  • Brand:  Gelgoog Machinery
  • Warranty Time:   12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:   China
  • Application:  


One Components of Ten Head Frozen French Fries Packing Machine
1. ZV-series host 2, 10-head electronic combination scale 3, Z-type material conveyor 4, vibrating feeder 5, support platform, 6, product conveyor
Automatic Banana Chips Packing Machine
Second Main Performance of Automatic Banana Chips Packing Machine
1. Automatically complete the entire process of feeding, measuring, filling bag, printing date, finished product output
2. High measurement accuracy, high efficiency, automation, no scrap.
3. Imported PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, touch screen operation is simple and intuitive;
4. Servo film transport system, accurate positioning, excellent machine performance, beautiful packaging;
5. Perfect automatic alarm protection function, to minimize the loss;
6. The machine and metering device matching can automatically complete the measurement, feeding, filling bag, date printing all the packaging process;
7. Bag form: The packaging machine can be made according to the needs of customers pillow-shaped bags, vertical folding bag, hit hole bags.
Automatic Chips Packing Machine
Third Scope of Automatic Chips Packing Machine
Suitable for fully automatic packaging of high-precision measurement and fragile parts, such as: expanded foods, casseroles, potato chips, jelly, candy, banana chips, dumplings, chocolate, small pieces of hardware, Chinese herbal biscuits, etc.

Technical Data

Model GGK-720
Max. Film width Max.720mm
Bag length 100-500mm
Bag width 180-350mm
Packaging cubage 4000ml
 Packaging speed 5-55bags/min
Packing film thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power supply specification 220V,3kw
Dimension (L)1780*(W)1350*(H)2050mm
Total weight of machine 750kg


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