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Carton Box Pasting Machine Manufacturer

  • Brand:  Gelgoog Machinery
  • Warranty Time:   12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:   China
  • Application:   This box pasting machine is suiatble for packing biscuits boxes, coffee box, food box, medicine box, paper towel box, ink box, soap box, etc.


Description of Box Pasting Machine
Our company square carton box sealing machine is designed for gluing designed cover seal box, controlled by the Japanese controlling lines, absorbing foreign advanced technology industry experience to upgrade to 3 generation of hot melt adhesive sealing box machine, and its appliance adopts full control, it has 3 protection of temperature control, automatic in action, three-dimensional space conditioning system, low failure rate, long life and other advantages, these advantages make the device, the adjusting range is extensive can be suitable for all kinds of carton box, called high efficient and economic in the history of box sealing equipment, frame body USES the international standard food with 304 stainless steel plate, high strength, its unique large mesa design, allows two people at the same time operating space flexible and convenient.
Box Pasting Machine
Techinical Parameter of Hot Glue Box Pasting Machine
Operating Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Working pressure: 0.4mpa
Power: 2.4KW
Noise is less than 50 db
Box size: Length: 80-300 mm/width 40-200 mm/Height 15-120mm
External dimensions: 1.07*0.75*1.5m
Equipment weight: About 170KG
Working efficiency: 30-60pcs/min
Working temperature: 60-220 degrees
Packing type: Square paper box

Application Of Carton Pasting Machine
1. Scope of application: It is suitable for the square paper box with glue and sealing box.
2. Applicable specifications: the length is 80-300 mm wide and 40-200 mm and high 15-120mm.
3. Apply hot melt adhesive: Hot melt adhesive, granular, strip, block can be.
4. Common industries: Biscuit box, coffee box, food box, medicine box, tissue box, ink box, soap box, sanitary pad, sanitary pad, various color boxes, daily necessities department store, cosmetic cotton box.
Carton Gluing Machine
Operation steps of Carton Gluing Machine
A. Firstly connect the power supply to ensure the smooth and safe wiring of the equipment.
B. Turn on the power switch and the semi-automatic hot melt adhesive sealing machine starts to automatically heat.
C. Set the heating temperature of the sealing machine according to the hot melt adhesive, and the operation key will be light when the glue is completely melted.
D. Press the start button to connect the air source.
E. Place the carton with product in the box in the sealing device.
F. Gently push into the carton gluing machine and begin to automatically complete the sealing process.
G. Another guide to take out the carton the sealed boxes, and then finish the packaging process.
Packaging Process of Box Pasting Machine
Automatic heating after start the box pasting machine, after the hot melt glue is completely melted, press the box starting button, place the box on the machine, and the machine completes the process of the pasting. The integration of the whole process is fast.

Box Pasting Machine Video

Technical Data

Model GGCK-B015
Power 2.4 kw
Output 40-60 box/min
Weight 125 kg
Size 1800*700*1400 mm


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