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What Is The Best Vacuum Packaging Machine?2020-11-19 By Packing Machine

What is the best vacuum packaging machine? I think there is no. Maybe we can say this one is better than another one.
You know there are many kinds of vacuum packaging machine on market, so how to choose a better vacuum packing machine?
 vacuum packing food
First, choose single chamber or double chamber?
Single chamber: Economical and cost-effective.
Double chamber: High work efficiency and labor saving.
Second, the method of vacuuming: external or internal?
External vacuum: Without a vacuum chamber, the vacuuming and sealing are completed by inserting the suction nozzle into the packaging bag. The characteristics of this machine are not limited by the space of the vacuum chamber, especially when the product is relatively large.
Internal vacuum: There is a vacuum chamber, the product packaging bag is smaller than the vacuum chamber. The working method is to put the packaging bag inside the vacuum chamber, close the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuuming and sealing action. The work efficiency is high, and a good vacuum effect can be achieved in a short time.
Third, choose transparent lid, ordinary steel plate, thick steel plate?
Transparent lid: Beautiful, you can see the effect of vacuum packaging, but the life is short, because the internal and external pressure difference is relatively large, it is easy to crack after long-term use.
Ordinary steel plate: The thickness is about 2mm. It is easy to deform when working under extreme pressure for a long time.
Thick steel plate: High-quality vacuum packaging machines generally use 4mm cold-rolled steel plates with long service life.
Fourth: choice of control panel: relay control vs PC version control
Relay control: The principle is relatively simple, and the advantage is that the problem can be easily found after a problem occurs. The minimum can control 0.1S. The disadvantage is contact control and short service life. In addition, it has poor waterproof and dustproof performance.
PC version control: In fact, it is an improved circuit board control, with digital tube display and membrane button control. The overall control is packaged in a small control box, so the waterproof and dustproof performance is better.


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