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How Does A Sachet Packing Machine Work?2022-01-17 By Packing Machine

How does a sachet packing machine work? Maybe this question doesn't affect your operation of the machine, but it helps to understand how your machine works for you.
The film roll placed on the support device is wound around the tensioning device of the guide roller group. After the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material is detected by the photoelectric detection and control device, it is rolled into a film cylinder by a former and wrapped on the surface of the filling tube. First, longitudinally heat-sealing the film at the interface portion rolled into a cylinder with a longitudinal heat sealer to obtain a sealed tube. Then the cylindrical film is moved to the transverse heat sealer for transverse sealing to form a packaging bag. The metering device fills the metered items into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube. and then heat-sealed by a transverse heat sealer and cut in the middle to form a packaging bag unit, at the same time form the bottom seal of the next bag.
sachet packing machine 

Why are sachet packing machines more and more popular?
1. Improve the packaging efficiency, which is more than ten times the speed of manual packaging.
2. Reduce the cost of packaging consumables, and use automated packaging machines to realize the function of automatic bag making. It can realize the function of automatic bag making, and the cost is lower than that of premade bags. The machine has an electric eye positioning function, and the size of each bag can be accurately positioned.
3. It can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Manual packaging is labor-intensive, and in addition to consuming physical strength, there will be potential safety hazards, and machines can solve this problem.
4. Can effectively ensure packaging quality. Machine packaging can obtain consistent specifications according to the shape and size of the items. And hand-packing cannot ensure complete consistency. Especially for products with high standardization requirements.
5. It can effectively protect the hygiene of the product. Product packaging in some industries, such as the food processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry, is not compliant according to the requirements of the Sanitation Law if manual packaging is used. Because this will cause pollution to the product, and machine packaging is a good solution to this problem, which can ensure that the product is packaged in a safe and hygienic environment.
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