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Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • Brand:  Gelgoog Machinery
  • Warranty Time:   12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:   China
  • Application:   Suitable for sealing meat, rice grain, fruit and vegetable, electronics, etc.


Commercial chamber vacuum sealer machine is the use of a vacuum cover alternates work on two of the vacuum chamber, so as to achieve the aim of improving work efficiency, when a vacuum chamber in vacuum, workers can put materials on the other vacuum chamber.
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine adopts microcomputer control technology, working time is more accurate, anti-interference ability is stronger, and the performance is more stable. The machine must press the vacuum chamber cover to complete the process of vacuum, sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust automatically according to the programmed procedure. After packaging, the product can prevent oxidation, mildew, moisture, quality and freshness, and prolong the shelf life of the product.
Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Scope Application of Vacuum Sealer Machine
It is suitable for the vacuum packaging of aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables, pickled vegetables and other food, medicine, electronic products and chemical products of large-scale production enterprises.

This commercial chamber vacuum sealing machine is made of high quality SUS - 304 stainless steel, the integration of manual and automatic control, do not need artificial set cover, easy to operate, so greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and improve the efficiency of the vacuum packaging, to save time and effort. This automatic vacuum packaging machine is the use of a vacuum cover each other in two vacuum chamber on alternate work so as to achieve the aim of improving work efficiency, when a vacuum chamber in vacuum, the other is packing materials can be put in a vacuum chamber, the machine automatically set cover, unique hand since the one-piece operation mode is my company's patent design, automatic, manual mode can be arbitrary switching, manual mode condition point of pendulum is cover button can automatically move cover, reduces the close lid leak phenomenon, caused by bad maximum extent, reduce the operating workers labor, embodies the concept and principles of our company for the sake of users. Since its launch, the design has been deeply loved by new and old users.

Working Video for Vacuum Packing Machine

Technical Data

Model GGDZQ700/2SB
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 3.5 kw
Packing capacity 120-180 pieces/h
Sealing size 700*10mm/2piece
Sealing center distance 640 mm
Vacuum chamber size 750*750*125 mm
Dimension 1500*850*925 mm
Material Thickness4mm/304stainless steel


Q: What is the voltage of the DZQ vacuum packing machine?
A: Generally 380V/50HZ, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
Q: I received the vacuum sealer machine, but i can not operate it?
A: Dear, we can send you video for how to operate, it is easy to operate, just follow the operating manual. If can't slove by email or phone, we can arrange our engineer to your place.
Q: How long is the delivery time for commercial chamber vacuum sealer?
A: Generally, it is arranged to produce the goods within 7-15 days after receiving the deposit. If the order is more, it will take 25-30 days.
Q: How long is the warranty?
A: With a one-year warranty period, parts and components can be returned to the factory for maintenance and replacement of new ones if they have problems during normal use.
Q: How can I transport it?
A: We can help the customer ship machines or send the logistics to the designated place, the customer pays the freight.

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