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GELGOOG Transaction Process

1. When to choose and buy our machinery, please timely communicate with Ms Sherry, and check the quantity of goods in stock, so as not to cause you inconvenience.
2. Please obey rules of the trade, please be sure to carefully read the description of machines, and communicate directly with company's sales staff clear in time, you can contact through the following ways, Ms. Sherry will reply to you at the first time.
A: Email:
B: Customer service QQ:2650356848 Wechat:gelsherry
C: Skype:
D: Whatsapp/line/viber: 008615515573212
3. The purchase of machinery, non-quality problems refuse to return goods, thank you.
4. Terms of payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram
5. If you need time to visit our factory, welcome to our factory.

About Equipment Picture

1. About freight charges: The prices of the goods are not included in the freight charges and the installation fees, which are the factory prices. Different way for shipment and delivery location, general logistics and express freight price is not the same, to every place of the freight is different also, so this store again according to the shipping method and place of receipt of the buyer to confirm the freight price, to ensure that the final transaction price. 2. With regard to product pictures: The picture of machines is taken according to the actual machine, because the camera shooting and actual products inevitably have the color error, all in kind. 3. On receipt of goods: Be sure to open packet inspection before delivery or shipping company staff. Goods is lost or damaged during the transport distance, do not have to sign for it shall be returned, or to claim for compensation from the shipping company. If not issue a certificate after receipt is put forward under the condition of loss of or damage to the goods, the loss caused by transportation need buyers to undertake.

Attention When Buying Machines

1, Before buying machine, must communicate with customer service personnel in advance, to confirm the price, delivery time, delivery and after-sale problems, get consensus and then place the order later.
2, Export of wooden cases and shipping freight and installation services for export, shipping costs, please consult customer service staff.
3, Some quotation (quotation contains several machines or price and machine configuration related) although the first figure, but the actual price will be different, before the order, make sure both sides talks things over good delivery time and customer service personnel, communication and correct price later photographed, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.
4, We also provide offline trade, our company can provide billing, training on-site installation and debugging, after-sales services, and the specific costs and store price is different, details could consulting the personnel of the service.
5. Our factory also have a professional non-standard customized team, which can contact our customer service staff if necessary.

Sales and After-sales Service

1, New users, the marketing department telephone contact the customer, ask the goods acceptance, including product quality to meet customer needs, mode of transport, packaging and other customer requirements.
2, Introduce products to users, and to assist users to install, introduce the use of methods and technical requirements.
3, If our products appear quality problems, customer complaints received within 24 hours to give a reply.
4, If the product quality problems, the company is responsible for repairs, until the customer satisfaction.
5, Our company will provide a perfect online service system, if the product includes any quality, use, and other related issues, you can also feedback online or directly to E-MAIL form(; We will reply in the shortest time.
6. The company set up service hotline(+8615515573212) for users to answer various questions and problems related to the product.


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