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How to Start Tea Packaging Business?2020-03-20 By Packing Machine

Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, and the tea packaging business is getting more and more popular. but how to start tea packaging business?
we know that packaging not only protects or preserves the product within but also communicates a brand’s message which ultimately helps in the sale process. So before you start the tea packaging business, you should confirm following question:
1. Packaging type
There are many types of tea packaging, square, round, triangle and so on. You can choose the appropriate packaging method according to the type of tea. In general, if you want to pack whole tea leaf, we recommend that you use a triangle tea packaging machine, because its finished product has a pyramid shape. During the soaking process, the tea can be fully stretched, and the fragrance is better.
 Triangle tea packing machine
2. Identify your target audience and marketing methods
There are many people in the world who like to drink tea, but everyone is your target audience? No. It all depends on your product. Some people drink tea to change the taste of the water, some people are healthy, and there are other reasons. You first need to understand your sales direction and then identify the target group.
3. Procurement and storage of tea
To ensure the success of your tea packaging business, you need a lot of back-end work and logistical support. It's important to find the right tea from the right estate, but purchasing these teas and shipping them to your factory can be challenging. For example, where to buy, whether to pay customs duties, etc. After the tea is shipped to the factory, the most important thing is to store it carefully to ensure that they are not infected by insects. A lot of teas, especially mint carry a tendency of getting infested quickly.
I hope these suggestions will help you in your tea packaging business.


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