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Why Are Pyramid Tea Bags Better?2020-02-21 By Packing Machine

There are different packaging ways for tea, such as pyramid tea bag, round tea bag, square tea bag, etc. But many people choose pyramid tea bags. why are pyramid tea bags better?
1.Better brewing
Pyramid tea bags provide plenty of room for tea to move freely. When you add hot water to the tea bag, the tea leaves will appear in a circular motion, which simulates the movement of the tea leaves in the teapot, which makes the tea leaves fully scent.
Pyramid tea bags
2.Tea quantity
In ordinary tea bags, they contain less tea. With pyramid tea bags, the spaciousness of the bag allows it to have a larger volume, which brings you top-quality brewing effects.
3.Multiple flavors
Due to the spaciousness of the pyramid tea bags, various tea leaves can be filled therein. For example, rose, lavender, orange peel, lemon peel and other flavors make the tea have a real flavor and taste. And can ensure that each tea can be fully brewed.
4.Efficient and time-saving
The structure of Pyramid tea bags is more porous. This not only allows concentrated flavors to be mixed into the cup, but also speeds up brewing. In ordinary tea bags, when you increase the soaking time to provide the best flavor, the water has cooled. The brewing process is neither taste efficient nor time efficient.
That’s why pyramid tea bags are better, tha’t why our pyramid tea bag packing machine is more popular.


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