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Horizontal Flow Pack Granola Bar Packaging Machine Supplier

  • Brand:  Gelgoog Machinery
  • Warranty Time:   12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:   China
  • Application:   Can pack granola bars, biscuits, egg yolk pie, instant noodles, candy, soap, etc.


Packaging film of automatic flow pack machine is installed on the axis of roller, packing objects placed in a feeder (for random shape objects with manual feeding), conveyor belt automatically convey packing objects to the packing position, packing in the paper film after heating and pressing molding, sent to the horizontal transverse sealing and cutting knife in a thermal sealing, cutting. The conveyor belt outputs the finished product.
Granular Bar Packaging Machine
Features of Flow Pack Granola Bar Packaging Machine
1. Dual frequency converter control, and you can set the bag length you want to cut,easy operation, also film saving.
2. Man-machine interface make parameter setting more convenient.
3. Fault self-diagnosis function, convenient for seeing the fault display.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye-color tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, making sealing cutting more accurate.
5. Temperature independent PID control, applicable to various packaging materials.
6. Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.
7. Simple transmission system, reliable work, and convenient maintenance.
8. All controls are controlled by software, easy for function adjustment and technical upgrading.
Horizontal Flow Pack Machine
Application of Horizontal Granola Bar Packaging Machine
1. Food: Granola bars, biscuits, shortbread, chocolate, egg yolk pie, instant noodles, candy, Popsicle;
2. Hardware: Steel cubes, bearing, iron boxes;
3. Plastic: Disposable tableware, toothbrush;
4. Daily necessities: Wet wipes, tissues, soap, chopsticks;

Optional Device of Horizontal Flow Packaging Machine
1. Air charging device (for nitrogen, air, oxygen, etc.)
2. Continuous package device (sseveral bags together)
3. Spatula/blade (End sealing method)
4. Full stainless steel (201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel)
5. Coding machine (hot printing production date, batch number)
6. Exhaust device (remove excess air in the bag)
7. Punch device (round hole, needle hole, convex hole)
8. Spray device (spray alcohol, fresh preservation air)

Service of Automatic Flow Pack Machine
1. Free project planning and design services;
2. Free debugging equipment until all work is normally done;
3. Long-distance transport of equipment;
4. Operation and maintenance of personal training equipment;
5. Provide new technology and programme design;
6. Provide one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance service.

Technical Data

Model GG-450
Film Width Max. 450mm
Bag length 120-280mm
Bag width 60-200mm
Bag height Max.60mm
Film Diameter Max. 320mm
Packing speed 40-230 bags/min
Power supply 110V/60 H Z,2.4 KW
Machine size 4020*720*1320mm
Machine weight 900Kg


Q: Can this machine pack instant noodles or moon cake?
A: Provide us with the relevant dimensions , product size, like length*width*height, packing weight, etc., we can test for you.
Q: I want to pack different kinds of products, is it ok?
A: Pls provide us with the product related features or the related products to us, we have a professional analysis and detection. To ensure that the selection of equipment is more appropriate and practical.

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