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Different Types of Tea Packaging2019-02-28 By Packing Machine

There are different types of tea packaging, such as round tea bag packing, square tea bag packing, pyramid tea bag packing, etc. Here, we'll introduce you to three of them.
1. Round tea bag packing
The round tea bag is named for its shape, and the tea particles contained inside are generally small, because the flat structure is so that the tea leaves are not easily stretched.
 Round Tea Bag Packing
2. Square tea bag packing
The principle of the square tea bag is basically the same as that of the round tea bag, except that its shape is square.And they're shaped differently.The square tea bag is used to heat seal the three/four sides of the tea bag directly, while the round tea bag is used to seal the periphery and then cut into a circle.
 Square Tea Bag Packing
3. Pyramid tea bag packing
Triangle tea bag can let consumer enjoy wonderful tea original fragrance and original tea color. Let tea extend completely in triangular space, let tea fragrance faster release comes out. This kind of tea bag adopts ultrasonic seamless sealing, which can shape the image of high quality tea bag. Because its transparent, can let consumer see the tea inside directly, need not worry to use inferior tea.
 Pyramid Tea Bag Packing
The above is the difference of three different types of tea packing, and these three types need different machines to complete, because they have different forming principles, so they cannot be completed by one machine at the same time, the round tea bag made by round tea bag packing machine, the square tea bag made by inner tea bag packing machine, the pyramid tea bag made by pyramid tea bag packing machine.


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