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How To Make Packaging Machine?2018-12-12 By Packing Machine

How to make packaging machine? For some people who will buy a packaging machine, they may be very curious about this problem, as a packing machine manufacturer, we want to share our machines’ production process with you.
1.Raw material entering the factory inspection: The raw materials entering the factory are inspected by the quality inspection department, and the materials are tested according to the relevant national data. The materials entering the factory must be tested for thickness and hardness.
2.Sheet metal workshop cutting board: Sheet metal workshop can cut the board according to the drawing and punch in the corresponding position.
3.Punch processing
4.Bending processing: It is necessary to adjust the size and position, and then perform the bending process after inspection.
How To Make Packaging Machine
5.Welding processing: Group welding must be performed under tooling and tooling. Welding depth and welding at the point according to the drawings. The height of the solder joint shall not exceed the design requirements and the welding machine process requirements; carbon dioxide protection welding and argon arc welding shall be used below 2 mm. Stainless steel plates must be welded by argon arc welding. After the welding parts are processed and formed, they are calibrated, and after the inspection meets the requirements of the drawings, the next step is polished.
6.Spraying: The sandblasting or oxidation area shall not be less than 95% of the total area. The sand and oxidizing liquid shall be removed for surface rust-proof painting and plating treatment. After the bottom treatment, the surface lacquer processing is carried out, and the surface lacquer processing must be completed in three steps.
7.Assembly: After all the parts are assembled, they are assembled by professionals. The assembly personnel must wear gloves to ensure that the workpiece and machine surface are clean. Each bolt has a flat pad, and each nut has a spring pad and a flat pad. Assembly tolerances and clearances are assembled according to the assembly drawings.
8.Adjust the test and accept: strictly in accordance with the machine acceptance criteria for inspection.
After our introduction, you may know how to make packaging machine, if you want to see the specific production process, welcome to our factory. 


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