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Manufacturer Tell Manual Transparent Cellophane Wrapping Machine2018-06-14 By Diana

This manual transparent cellophane wrapping machine is widely used in the film packaging (with wire drawing) of all kinds of single regular box products, such as health care products, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio and video products. The machine is designed to meet the vast number of users than packing box size change needs, designed by the factory for many years, the application a number of patented technology and the launch of a new generation of packaging machine; The whole machine is of reasonable structure, light weight and beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient adjustment to suit different package size. In this article, cellophane wrapping machines manufacturer will tell you some tips for maintaining manual cellophane wrapping machine.
Manual Transparent Cellophane Wrapping Machine
How to Use Choose Transparent Cellophane Wrapping Machine
1. Complete surface maintenance once every three months;
2. After the completion of daily work, the surface of the machine shall be cleaned and treated with strict cover to prevent dust pollution;
3. It is necessary to ensure the smooth placement of transparent film wrapping machine equipment, ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment, and avoid unnecessary troubles;
4. Skilled operators are selected for operating manual cellophane wrapping machine and use to prevent unnecessary damage;
5. Carry out regular maintenance and troubleshoot all kinds of unnecessary risks;
6. During the use, it is strictly prohibited to keep the hand directly from the high temperature of manual transparent cellophane wrapping machine, so as to avoid hurting the hand.
7. After the use of the machine and equipment, clean up all unnecessary things and prepare for the next convenient use.


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