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Different Types of Packaging Machines2019-06-28 By Packing Machine

Packaging machines are very important in food processing, and there are different types of packaging machines, but do you know how to classify packaging machines?
In fact, there are many ways to classify packaging machines. Now we will classify them according to their functions:
According to the function, it can be divided into wrapping machine, filling machine, sealing machine, multi-function packaging machine and so on.
Wrapping machine is a machine that wraps a product in whole or in part with a wrapping material. According to the different wrapping methods, it is mainly divided into a semi-wrap wrapping machine, a full wrap wrapping machine, a wrap-around wrapping machine, a stretch wrapping machine, a body wrapping machine and a shrink wrap machine.
 Shrink Wrap Machine
Filling machine is a machine that fills a product into a packaging container in a quantitative manner. According to the measurement principle and the filling method, the filling machine is divided into a volumetric filling machine, weighing filling machine, counting filling machine, gravity filling machine and others.
 Filling Machine
The sealing machine is a machine that closes the opening container. According to different sealing methods, the sealing machine is divided into a heat sealing machine, fusion welding sealing machine, rolling sealing machine, crimping sealing machine, sewing machine, etc.
 Sealing Machine
A multi-function packaging machine is a machine that can perform two or more packaging processes. It mainly filling-sealing machine, forming-filling-sealing machine, shaping-filling-sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, wrapping-labeling machine and so on.
From the above information we can see that, there are many different types of packaging machines, and different types with different function. If you have any demand, please confirm what do you want to pack? And how do you want to pack?


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