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How to Package Nuts for Sale?2019-10-23 By Packing Machine

Nuts are rich in nutrients and contain high levels of protein, oil, minerals and vitamins. They have very good effects on human growth and development and physical fitness. And we always see packed nuts sale on market. But how to package nuts for sale?
It is very easy. And there are two ways can be selected, manual and machine.
1. Manual Packing
First you need to buy a large number of premade bags and a small sealer, and then hire some workers to complete the weighing, filling and sealing process. However, this method is only suitable for small batches of packaging. The use of this method for large-scale packaging increases labor costs and packaging costs and reduces profits.
2. Machine Packing
This method requires packaging film and a nuts packaging machine, and only needs to hire one worker. Then the worker pours the nuts into the machine hopper, the machine will automatically complete the bag making, filling, sealing, and weighing accurately.
 How to Package Nuts for Sale
How to choose the packaging method that suits you?
1. Determine the amount of material to be packaged
If the amount of material is small, choose manual packaging, otherwise choose the machine packaging.
2. Statistical market demand
If the market demand is large, then you will definitely expand your business and buy more nuts to sell. In this case, we recommend that you use the machine.
Is the effect of the machine better than manual?
I think so.
1. The machine reduces the contact between workers and materials, it is more clean and hygienic.
2. The machine completes the weighing by setting parameters, with small error and high accuracy.
3. The machine package uses a packaging film instead of a packaging bag, which saves packaging costs.
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