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What Is A Flow Pack?2019-10-31 By Packing Machine

What is a flow pack? Because the product is wrapped on both sides and the back of the package, it looks like a pillow, so it is called flow pack. And its main packaging tool is the flow wrap machine.
What is the principle of flow pack?
The operation of the variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor is used to drive the toothed chain type continuously variable transmission through the V-belt. Through the speed regulation of the shifting chain in the gearbox, different running speeds are obtained, the adjustment of the conveying length of the packaging film, and the output shaft of the gearbox are transmitted through the chain. The packaging film press roller is rotated to transport the film, and the output length of the film can be adjusted on the toothed chain governor.
 Flow Pack Machine
How to choose a good flow pack machine?
1. First, determine what products you want to package, and different models suitable for different products.
2. High cost performance is the first principle. When buying, don't just look at the price of the machine. Quality is the first factor. A good machine can help you improve your work efficiency.
3. Choose a company with high visibility as much as possible, and the quality is guaranteed. Choose a model with mature technology and stable quality to make the packaging faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low manual and low scrap rate.
4. On-the-spot investigations, focusing on the big aspects, pay more attention to small details, the details can determine the quality of the machine.
5. Take samples to the test machine as much as possible to ensure that the machine is suitable for your product.
6. About after-sales service, we must choose the perfect after-sales service, so that you can package the machine for long-term stable work.


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