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Cement Packing Process2020-01-22 By Packing Machine

Cement packing machine is the main tool for packing cement, but do you know the cement packing process?
The cement packing process is very easy. The cement in the silo enters the casing of the hopper of the packaging machine. When the bag is manually inserted, the stroke switch is activated and the signal is transmitted to the computer. Start the solenoid valve, work through the cylinder, open the discharge nozzle, and the high-speed running impeller continuously fills the cement into the cement bag through the nozzle.
 cement packing process

When the weight reaches the set value, the sensor sends the signal to the computer. The solenoid valve is controlled by the computer to start the cylinder and close the discharge nozzle for customized filling; at the same time, the solenoid valve is attracted by the signal of the sensor, and the bag presser acts to automatically tilt and drop the cement bag.
The whole filling process is controlled by electrical integration. Except manual bag insertion, pressing bag, opening and closing discharging nozzle, weighing, filling and automatic bag dropping can be completed automatically.
1. This machine can be used for packaging a wide range of powders with good flow properties.
2. The working environment is clean and environmentally friendly. If there is no bag, it will not be filled. If the bag weighs less than the calibrated value, the bag will not drop. The bag will accidentally fall off and the shutter will be closed immediately to stop filling.
3. Simple maintenance, less wearing parts, no hydraulic and pneumatic components.
More information about the cement packing process will show in the operating instructions.


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