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Flow Wrapper Troubleshooting2020-01-07 By Packing Machine

Flow pack is now a very popular and common packaging method, and more and more customers are buying flow wrap machine from us.
However, because some customers' operation methods are incorrect, causing the machine to malfunction, we will list some common flow wrapper troubleshooting here.
Back seal folds:
1. The back seal wrinkle is caused by the mismatch between the speed of the middle seal wheel and the packaging speed of the machine. There is a black rotating handle between the two middle seal wheels. It is used to adjust the speed of the middle seal wheel. Adjust the speed to the left. Slow, turn right to speed up.
2. If the rotation handle has no effect, the belt may fall due to too many revolutions. Open the case cover, there is a belt at the connection with the handle, check if the belt is dropped, and restore it.
 Flow Wrap Machine

Cut products:
1. Product cutting may be caused by inaccurate material level adjustment, just adjust the material level handle.
2. There may also be problems with the product itself, such as different lengths and shapes.
3. The speed is too fast. The speed is too fast, and the end seal speed has not kept up. So you can reduce the packaging speed or increase the end-sealing speed.
End seal encoder failure:
1. Click Clear. After clearing, shut down and restart.
2. If the above steps still do not work, check the end seal encoder in the lower case, the motor has a belt on it, and see if it is loose. If it is loose, this fault alarm problem often occurs.
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