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Small Tea Bag Packing Machine to Kenya - GELGOOG Machinery2018-05-08 By Packing Machine Supp

Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Machine
One set tea bag packing machine of GELGOOG Machinery was sold to Kenya. Customer wanted this machine for making pyramid tea bags. This tea packing machine can automatically complete the bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and other functions. Packing tape with original labeling devicehere will introduce some pictures of pyramid tea bag packing machines:

Characteristics of Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Machine
1. The extraction of tea bags with attractive appearance and attractive appearance is possible through the way of ultrasonic sealing.
2. This tea bag packing machine can pack 3000 bags per hour.
3. Label tea bags can be easily produced with labeled packaging materials.
4. The electronic metering method can easily change the filling material and measure the precision.
Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Machine
The triangle tea bag packaging machine is suitable for black tea, white tea, yellow tea, rattan tea, health tea, sweet tea, nourishing the liver tea, green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee, Chinese tea, health tea, herbal tea, particle, etc in the stereoscopic triangle bag packaging.
Standard Specification for Tea Bag Packing Machine Kenya
1. Production quantity counter
2. Main motor protection device (loop timeout)
3. Motor variable pressure control 4. Sliding volume overload protection device
5. The stepping motor is transported longitudinally
6. Check out the label (error alarm when detected)
7. Open door safety limit switch
8. Packing material tension automatic adjusting device
9. No packaging material alarm
10. Ultrasonic load alarm
11. Electrostatic removing device

The development of tea bag packaging machines was recognized as an important equipment in the industry development process. No matter which industry is active in the form of packaging machinery, the proportion and importance of automatic tea packaging machines occupy a very large position. It is because of their existence that they ensure the development of the industry.


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