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Spices Packaging Machine To Guatemala 2018-01-06 By admin

Spices Packaging Machine Guatemala

Customer from Guatemala bought one set spices packaging machine for sale. This machine can pack powder bag 40-60 bags per minute, and he used to pack spices into bags. If you want to know suitable model and price of powder packing machine, just feel free to call me:+8618595717505
Functional Features Of Spices Packaging Machine for Sale
1. Intelligent man-machine exchange system, parameter setting and function switching are simple and convenient.
2. The bag length adjustment of the bag can only be adjusted on the touch screen, which is easy to operate.
3. Adopt the servo motor double belt pull film: Fast film feding speed, high accuracy, the packaging machine shaping bag is good, more beautiful.
4. Mechanical fault self-diagnosis function, system intelligence shows the reason of failure, timely troubleshooting.
5. According to the packaging requirements of different customers, the configuration of packaging style customization can be realized by adding the configuration of code machine, pneumatic device, punching device, bag device and easy tearing device.
6. Can use cylinder drive or motor drive according to different products to meet customers' different packing requirements.


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