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Type of Packaging Material Used for Tea2019-09-26 By Packing Machine

The packaging of tea is indispensable in the process of tea storage, quality assurance, transportation and sales. Unreasonable or imperfect tea packaging tends to accelerate the loss of tea aroma. But do you know the types of packaging material used for tea?
 Tea Packing Materials

There are many types of packaging materials used for tea, and their purpose and function are different. Commonly used tea packaging materials are: Ordinary cellophane, polyethylene film, polypropylene film, polyester film, nylon film and packaging film composited with these materials, such as cellophane / polyethylene composite film, stretched polypropylene / polyethylene / unstretched polypropylene composite film. When selected, the moisture permeability should be as low as possible (in grams per square meter per day). The oxygen permeability is relatively small when the moisture permeability is similar.
Regardless of the type of packaging, the choice of materials must be designed to prevent moisture, air, and shading. Since the physical properties of various packaging materials such as moisture permeability and gas permeability are different, the effect of preventing deterioration of tea leaves is different. At present, most of the new films used in tea packaging have good gas barrier properties. It can better prevent water vapor intrusion and tea aroma emission, and has excellent processing performance, convenient heat sealing, random shape, certain mechanical strength and chemical corrosion resistance, and meets the sanitary standard of packaged food.
In addition, when selecting packaging material used for tea, it is also necessary to consider the nature of different types of tea.


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