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Piston Filler Troubleshooting2019-11-25 By Packing Machine

Piston filler is a common liquid filling tool, but due to the incorrect use of the operator, the machine often has problems.
Here we will show some piston filler troubleshooting.
1. The machine is not working
a. Check the power cord and check the fuse; if it is blown or damaged, replace it.
b. The debris blocks the pipeline; it can be removed.
c. The pump is not running; you need to contact the factory after sales.
 Piston Filler

2. The discharge pipe has continuous bubble phenomenon during filling
a. The joint has a leak; check the joint and connect it.
b. The material liquid is too small; the ingredients are added until they are suitable.
3. The nozzle of the filling has a dripping phenomenon
a. The filling head is not vertical; the filling head is adjusted vertically.
b. The liquid specific gravity is too small; replace the small filling head.
c. The material of the inlet pipe is not properly selected; choose the appropriate hose.
4. Cylinder does not work
a. Check if the air compressor is turned on. This equipment is a pneumatic filling machine and requires a pneumatic pump.
b. Check that the gas source switch and the power switch are on.
c. Check that the air pressure is up to the requirement, usually set to 04-0.6mpa.
d. Check whether the steering valve is installed correctly.
Here we just list several piston filler troubleshooting, more information we will show in the operation manual.


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