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Semi Automatic Medicine Box Cellophane Packaging Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

  • Brand:  Gelgoog Machinery
  • Warranty Time:   12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:   China
  • Application:   1. Low price 2. Easy operation 3. Convenient mould replacement


Information of Semi Automatic 3d Cellophane Packaging Machine
The transparent film packaging machine, also named cellophane wrapping machine, is a kind or wrapping equipment using BOPP film (or other hot sticky film paper) plus a anti-counterfeiting gold wire for wrapping packages on the surface of the box. Its packaging effect is just like the outer film packaging of cigarettes, which can play the role of anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, beautiful and high-grade products. The company also provides all kinds of high quality packaging materials, like BOPP transparent film, BOPP smoke film material, cellophane paper, gold wire, aluminum film with low price.
Semi Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Application of Semi Automatic Cellophane Packing Machine
This machine is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery supplies, commodity and other industries, and other 3D the packaging for the boxes. Products need cellophane wrapping are commonly seen in medicine box, cosmetic box, tea box, poker, cards, and other kind of boxes with certain size. Within certain packing size, this semi automatic cellophane wrapping machine can realize cellophane film wrapping by changing moulds.
Performance Characteristics
1. The price of the machine is low, only about a third of automatic cellophane wrapping machine;
2. The mold price is low, the replacement is simple and quick, one machine can complete dozens of specification packaging;
3. The whole machine is light and beautiful, and the packing space is not limited by the machine weight;
4. The operation is simple, without professional operation.
Medicine Box Wrapping Machine Factory

As professional cellophane wrapper machine manufacturer, GELGOOG provides different kinds of cellophane wrapping machine. This machine is suitable for cellophane and OPP film, general equipment for packaging boxes with different specification with cellophane film. Note: Tear type on the packaging film can be printed company logo or name, and can take anti-counterfeiting laser, phosphorescence (fluorescence will come under uv light), is one of the best security measures, especially suitable for high-end brand products packaging. The goods packed with the cellophane wrapping equipment are easy to pull and easy to unpack.

Technical Data

Model GG-BTB-Ⅱ
Packing speed 10-25 boxes/min
Power 3KW
Voltage 220V、50Hz、 3.2KW
Machine weight 150Kg
Machine dimensions 1500(L)*600(W)*1000(H)


Q: Can this cellophane wrapping machine wrap various specifications?
A: yes, if you want GGTB-B type, you can pack box width within 130mm, for example 60mm, 100 mm, 130mm, Eetc. just tell us size, we can suggest you suitable machine.
Q: How long is delivery time?
A: Without special customization, normally delivery time is when we receive the deposit 7-10 days arrange delivery. If in busy situation need 15 to 20 days.
Q: What is the payment method?
A: 40% deposit in advance, 60% one-time pay off before shipment.
Q: Installation, maintenance spare parts are broken, how to deal with?
A: Equipment warranty for12 months, within one year parts is broken, quality problem can return to our company for maintenance, and we will send to you in the fastest way. Don't delay your production.

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