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Cellophane Wrapping Equipment to India2018-06-12 By Diana

This cellophane wrapping equipment was sold to India, is suitable packing boxes with PVC and BOPP film, which is a general wrapping equipment for 3d packaging of square boxes with different specifications. Through adhesive pasting, this cellophane wrapping can facilitate the product sealing and anti - counterfeiting functions.
Indian customer wanted to use this cellophane wrapping equipment for packing medicine boxes, health care products. Customer provided the size of boxes he wanted to pack, and after payment, our factory designed this cellophane wrapping equipment for him. After finish machine production, India customers sent the boxes to our factory for testing wrapping, and the packing effect is good, customer was quite satisfied with this machine. This wrapping machine is also suitable for overwrapping nutritional supplements, daily cosmetics, snack boxes, stationery, VCD, tape, poker, cigarettes and other small square items wrapping package, is a kind of ideal cassette 3 d packaging equipment

As the package of 3 d cellophane wrapping machine can be customized according to packaged goods specification, so before consulting this cellophane wrapping equipment, please provide the specifications of the packaged items (length , width and height) of the item, our customer service will provide suitable models according to packaged goods specification.
Cellophane Wrapping Equipment India
1. If customers have any probelms during the use of equipment, please contact us technicians, our technicians will be patient for you to answer every question, until the device is running normally.
2. During the shelf life of accessories quality problems (except for man-made and natural factors), we provide free accessories replacement, out of shelf life, only the cost of accessories charges.


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