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Box Pasting Machine Sold In India2018-01-12 By Diana

Box Pasting Machine Manufacturer
Box Pasting Machine to India

Customer from India bought one set box pasting machine for sealing medicine boxes, food boxes, etc. This box gluing machine is suitable for pasting all kinds of boxes needs glue, sealed box packaging, such as biscuit box, food box, medicine box, tissue box, etc.
Properties of Hot-melt Adhesive Box Pasting Machine
1. The machine implements the material man's tooling, automatic glue spraying, sealing.
2. The machine has high efficiency, the processing capacity of 30-50 boxes per minute, efficiency for manual sealing box 2-3 times ( manual sealing has low efficiency, too high production costs, such as labor time of overtime wages) can also according to the size of the box to adjust the specification now.
3. The sealing effect is good, the efficiency of the machine is sustainable, and the artificial efficiency can not, which can affect the quality and the quantity of defective products. Low efficiency affects production, and low production costs waste time.
4. The amount of glue used by the machine is about 1/3 of the manual box, and the amount of glue is very small.
Advantages of Box Pasting Machine Manufacturer
1. The selection of the whole machine is in accordance with environmental requirements, and the food grade standard is adopted as the overall appearance of the machine, and the large area USES stainless steel as the equipment component.
2. The transformation is convenient and quick. The new adjustment position is changed to symmetrical handwheel adjustment, which reduces the difficulty of the adjustment.
3. Fully enclosed structure, simple and fashionable appearance.
4. All key components shall be converted to imported components.
5. Optimize power consumption and meet the new concept of energy conservation.
6. Simple operation, high efficiency and low input cost.

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