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How Does A Vacuum Packing Machine Work?2018-03-13 By Diana

Before the vacuum packing machine is purchased, it is necessary to understand the principles of vacuum packaging machine; the first problem faced is the use of the vacuum packaging machine. Then do you understand the working principle of the vacuum packaging machine? Do you know how it works? Here's a brief description for thos packing machine by GELGOOG company.
First, Working Principle of Vacuum Packing Machine
The vacuum packaging machine is composed of a vacuum system, a pumping and airtight sealing system, a hot pressure sealing system, and an electrical control system. The external pump vacuum packaging machine automatically seals the bag after it is pumped into a low vacuum. For some soft foods, after being packed by an automatic vacuum packaging machine, the packaging volume can be reduced to facilitate transportation and storage. The principle of desktop vacuum packaging machine is to use plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging material, vacuum packaging or vacuum for solid, liquid, powder, paste-like food, chemical drugs, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc..
Second, the use of vacuum packaging machine safety measures
Vacuum packing machines are used in a wide range of production companies, and the awareness of vacuum machines is also raised. The following describes the safety measures for vacuum packaging machines:
1. Maintain the cleanliness of the use environment of the vacuum packaging machine and the environment should not be too humid.
2. Do not use vacuum packaging machines in harsh environments such as flammable or explosive.
3. Check the machine should unplug the power plug to prevent electric shock.
4. The three-phase four-wire system should be equipped with the same type of socket that matches the machine's power supply, and should meet the three-group four-wire power requirements; the single-phase machine should be equipped with a three-pole power socket and ensure that the machine is reliably grounded.
5. To maintain the best part of the vacuum cleaning state, and regular internal cleaning machine, the vacuum pump oil can only be added to the vacuum pump oil window two-thirds position, and strictly in accordance with the vacuum pump use and maintenance instructions.
The above GELGOOG introduced the working principle of vacuum packaging machine. To understand the price of the upright vacuum sealer, please refer to other information. We GELGOOG Machinery is a professional production of vacuum packaging machine manufacturers, our company produces a variety of vacuum packaging machine, suitable for different product packaging use, if you need, you can contact us +8618595717505.


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