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Soap Packing Machine Video2018-01-06 By admin

This is testing video for soap packing machine, customer bought one set soap printing machine and pillow type packing machine. This machine is also suitable for packaging of moon cakes, caramel treats, lemon, CARDS, little bread, chocolate, candy, green bean cake, lollipops, customers can send samples to my company commissioning, packaging, according to the effect models
Soap Packing Machine
Advantages of Soap Packing Machine:

1. The structure is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable and advanced, the operation is easy to understand;
2. Japanese panasonic PLC control system, touch screen man-machine interface, operation interface, simple operation, easy maintenance.
3. Adopt PLC and servo motor system to control, realize multi-axis coordinate motion control, complete the feeding, the film and the transverse seal axis three-axis cooperation.
4. It has the function of empty bag detection, material displacement detection, and scald removal in the time of shutdown.
5. It has the function of positioning stop, not stick to the knife, not waste the coating.
6. Use the electronic axis to realize synchronous operation, reduce the mechanical vibration and wear, so that the machine speed can be improved.
7. The fault diagnosis prompt is clear and the use is more human;
8. Built-in temperature control module, temperature independent PID control, temperature control precision, better suitable for various packaging materials;
9. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color standard tracking, PLC control system combined to make the sealing position more accurate;
10. The transmission system is concise and clear, the work is more reliable and maintenance is more convenient;
11. The package length adjustment can be set directly on the contact screen, and the program vibration is adjusted to the set length;
12. Reciprocating end seal structure, sealing more secure, sealing film cutting blade without loss. 13. Equipped with end sealing device, the bag is more beautiful and the product level is improved.


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