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Analysis of Development Trend of Packaging Equipment Industry In 20162017-10-12 By admin

As the world from the change of industrial economic era to knowledge economic era, with natural resources and labor as the main body of the production mode have already can't adapt to the development of the existing production enterprise and the demand of the market, companies need to adopt high technology level of advanced automated production equipment to meet the needs of the sustainable development of the enterprise and market. Therefore, we must take strong measures to further speed up the development of packaging machinery industry, and strive to catch up with the world advanced level at an early date.
International advanced packaging equipment supplier has aggressively into China each production industry, and are still under expansion, their products with reliable stability, humanized design, content of higher science and technology and other features of the conquered a lot of enterprises. Food packages installed belongs to the labor-intensive industries, products of high added value, development space is large, motivating, and is essential for packaging machinery, food industry development of food industry in our country every year by double-digit speed rapid development, which brought business opportunities for further application of food packages installed, but as a result of food packaging machinery industry has been no unified standard, cause the low level of the whole product, to produce to meet the requirements of the modern food industry enterprise is not much, a lot of food production enterprises are forced to spend big money to buy foreign products, with the rapid development of the food industry highly asymmetric. Now the packaging machinery industry in our country has entered a rapid development period, the low level products will gradually be eliminated by the market, in recent years, China's machinery industry by changing the product structure, the industrial concentration and specialization of restructuring, enterprise competitiveness and industry development level is a big increase, industry scale and industrial output greatly.

At present, in the packaging industry under the premise of continuous development, still can see the contradictions in the packaging machinery industry, enterprises could not cope with the changes of the situation, the industry development ideas and development does not adapt situation; Technology innovation ability is weak, technology progress, new product development has not been fundamentally get rid of the situation imitation research track, competitiveness is not strong, and efficiency of economic growth improve still is driven by size.
Packaging machinery industry in the face of many unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the packaging machinery industry in the development of enterprise, the enterprise should stand at a new starting point up to review and solve various contradictions and problems, changing development idea, strengthen independent innovation, strengthen the consciousness of market, vigorously promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry. In order to change the present situation of packaging machinery and promote the development of packaging machinery, the industry should pay attention to the development trend of packaging machinery while striding forward.
The excessive dependence of packaging machinery on foreign high-end technology has seriously restricted the continuous and steady development of packaging industry in China. Increasingly fierce competition in food packaging machinery, food packaging machinery in the future will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment. However, the food packaging machinery is stepping up its own innovation and gradually promoting the production and operation mode of big strong and small technical, forming a differentiated market competition system


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