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How to Choose Paste Filling Machine?2018-01-06 By admin

People may feel confused when choosing paste filling machine, for this kind machine, has semi-automatic and automatic type, each type has different models. If you want to choose suitable paste packing machine, you should learn paste filling machine firstly.
Automatic Paste Filling Machine
Description of Automatic Paste Filling Machine Application
Fast food and portable bag of food on the market sales situation is very hot, all kinds of packaging for the appearance of the product has been greatly improved, the product scope is broad, was deeply loved by food manufacturers, but when buying machines, don't choose machine only based on cheap or expensive price, but should make more inspection, choose suitable products.
For example, if the appearance of your product packaging is required, it must not be suitable for the plate machine. For example, your material is very good, but the quantity is very small, also can consider semi-automatic sauce filling machine; If there are particles in your sauce, you can't use a uniform material for the selection of feeding devices. All in all, it's best for you, which is why we've been asking customers to send us the materials again and again. The scope of automatic sauce packaging machine is introduced for packing tomato sauce, chili sauce, chili oil (including pepper seeds), meat sauce (including impurities), instant noodles, bone soup, various hot pot ingredients


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